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Proof of Correction

About Proof of Correction

If one or more of the violations are correctable offenses, your bail or fine may be reduced by providing proof of correction.

The Proof of Correction fee is $25.00 per correction. You must provide proof of correction for any correctable violations to have your bail/fine reduced, pursuant to 40610 of the California Vehicle Code. Should you choose not to provide proof of correction you may pay the "Total Amount Due" indicated on your courtesy notice. Proof of correction cannot be provided over the phone or on the internet. The Proof of Correction, along with the reduced bail amount, must be received by the court before your arraignment date.

Proof of correction for various violations may be obtained in the following ways:

  • Any violation (equipment, driver's license, registration or insurance) considered correctable may be signed off by a law enforcement officer.
  • Driver’s license and registration violations may be certified at any DMV office or by the Court Clerk.
  • Insurance violations can be signed off by a DMV office, or the Court Clerk.

Proof of Liability Insurance:

Proof of Liability Insurance on the vehicle effective prior to the issue date and time of your citation reduces the bail on that charge to $25.00. For a reduction in bail/fine, your vehicle must have been insured at the time you received the citation. The Proof of Insurance (NOT the declaration attached to your policy), along with the reduced bail/fine, must be received by the Court before your Arraignment date.

Proof of Insurance can be:

  • A letter from your insurance company.
  • Your insurance card showing proof of insurance.
  • A copy of your policy showing the vehicle and date of coverage.

Please Note:
Self-certification of corrections is not acceptable.
Sale of the vehicle does not relieve you of the responsibility for correcting the violations you were cited for.

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