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Marshal's Service Instructions

Out of concern for deputy safety, the Trinity Superior Court Marshal's Office has revised their service instruction forms, including the implementation of a new instruction specifically for evictions.  The forms were revised to allow for additional deputy safety information.

Instructions and Process Required for Service

Each process submitted for service MUST include instructions.  The instructions must be original, must include a physical address for service, and must be signed by the Plaintiff/Requestor or their Attorney of Record.  Instructions for garnishments, levies, and earning withholding orders must be signed by the attorney of record or by the judgment creditor acting as his/her own attorney.

A proof of service will be mailed to you after your process has been served or a certificate of non-service will be mailed to you if our office has been unsuccessful in serving your process.

If your hearing date is within two days and you have not received information in the mail, call the Marshal's Office directly.

Eviction Service Instructions

This is a new instruction specifically for eviction services.  All items must be completed on the instructions and failure to complete all items may result in a delay in processing of the eviction.  Use of the new Eviction Service Instructions form (C-1UD) will be mandatory effective Monday, March 2, 2015 and no other form of instruction will be accepted for eviction services.

Restraining Order Service Instructions

The Officer Safety Information section of the instructions has been revised to allow for the collection of a larger volume of officer safety information.  Use of the revised Restraining Order Service Instructions form (C1A) is mandatory effective immediately and no other form of instruction will be accepted for Restraining Order services.

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