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Reporting for Jury Service

Checking in

Once you arrive at the courthouse, check in at the jury assembly room. Bring your jury summons. Listen carefully to the information and all instructions when checking in.

Courthouse Security

All persons, purses, and packages entering the courthouse are screened for weapons. All forms of tear gas and pepper spray, knives, guns or objects that can be used as a weapon are prohibited even if the person has a permit. To avoid the confiscation of these personal items, please do not attempt to bring them into the courthouse.

Proof of Attendance

If your employer requires proof of daily attendance, please notify the clerk or a member of the jury staff. It is your responsibility to request appropriate documentation for your employer at the time of your service.

Code of Conduct

Be alert and courteous.

You may bring a book to read while you are waiting for court to begin or during recess, but you will not be permitted to read while court is in session.

Turn off all pagers or cellular phones before entering the courthouse.

Dress Code

Dress appropriately for the courtroom. Business or business casual attire is suggested. Shorts and tank tops are not acceptable. Any juror not appropriately dressed will be excused and given a future date to report in appropriate attire. The temperature of the courtrooms can be unpredictable. Jurors are encouraged to dress accordingly.

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