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Forms and Filing

Filings with the Court may require statewide or court-specific forms. Statewide forms are "Judicial Council Forms," while court-specific forms are "Local Forms."

Form packets containing a collection of related forms are available for purchase at the Clerk’s Office. A selection of these packets are available for download.

Filing an action with the Superior Court normally requires a filing fee. Please see fee schedules for current fees.

If you need help filling out a form, visit the Self-Help Center.

  • Local Forms

    Local Forms are specific to Trinity County Superior Court.

  • Judicial Council Forms

    Judicial Council Forms are forms adopted by the state for statewide use.

  • Form Packets

    Form packets contain a collection of related local forms and Judicial Council Forms.

  • Local Fee Schedules

    Trinity's local fee schedule includes pricing for form packets. The Marshal's Fee schedule lists process fees for services performed by the Marshal.

  • State Fee Schedules

    The State Civil Fee Schedule is a statewide schedule of standardized fees relating to specific code violations.

    Filing fees are set by the legislature.

  • California Rules of Court

    View the complete list of the California Rules of Court.

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