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Family Law Facilitator

The Family Law Facilitator is available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Access to Justice Self-Help Center.

The Family Law Facilitator is an attorney who can help you represent yourself in child support and family law matters. You can get help with an existing case or in starting a new case. If you require an interpreter, you must bring one with you when you see the Family Law Facilitator.

The Family Law Facilitator can help you select the proper legal forms and provide instructions for completing, filing, and serving the paperwork. However, you are responsible for processing your own case.

If you need to go to court to present your case to a judge or commissioner, you will present your case yourself. The Family Law Facilitator cannot go to court with you. If you require an interpreter in court, you must bring one with you.

The Family Law Facilitator is not your attorney. There is no attorney-client relationship between you and the Family Law Facilitator. The Family Law Facilitator can provide assistance to both you and the other party (for example, your former spouse, the parent of your child, etc.), either together or separately.

Any self-represented litigant may request help from the Family Law Facilitator; however, it is important to note that when you speak with the Family Law Facilitator, your conversation is not private or confidential as it would be if you hired your own attorney. If you need assistance with your case strategy, you should seek legal advice from your own attorney.

There is no charge for the services of the Family Law Facilitator.

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